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“Benidorm, land of light and fun. I want people to know that if I ever get lost, they should look for me in Benidorm”. Pablo González. Benidorm is beaches; Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas with all the services provided by the city that lies behind them. It only occurs somewhere like Río de Janeiro, Miami Beach or Mar del Plata, but with the attraction of Las Vegas. A unique cocktail of sensations and fun for all holidaymakers; that’s why it impresses and satisfies tourists. Benidorm is a leisure and holiday town located on the southern Spain, 41 km. (25 miles) from Alicante on the Costa Blanca coast. Benidorm is Costa Blanca’s major tourist resort with the capacity to cope adequately with over 500,000 tourists over the peak-season period.

Six out of every ten visitors to the Valencian and Costa Blanca Region opt for Benidorm, and eight out of every ten who choose to stay in the province of Alicante lodge in Benidorm, in order to take full advantage of its irresistible promise of sun and sand. The two main beaches of Benidorm; Levante and Poniente offer quality services, limpid water and fine sands difficult to find elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Benidorm boasts the most comprehensive and best equipped network of hotel and holiday accommodation in the Costa Blanca coasts.

The Old Quarter of Benidorm situated aside the promontory that separates the two Benidorm beaches. The Cerro Canfali headland that is veined by narrow lanes and alleys, converges in the light-filled BalcĂłn del MediterrĂĄneo belvedere, whitewashed and decorated with blue tiles, an ornamental motif repeated along the balustrade that graces stretches of the seafront of Benidorm.

This small Old Quarter corresponds to the original fishing village and is presided over by the blue-tiled domed roof of the 18th century San Jaime Parish Church. In the area around the traditional city centre of Benidorm are the main shopping streets where holidaymakers may find and buy fashion items, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Benidorm is the skyscraper city and the vertical urbanism invites optimism and makes it a comfortable city full of light, both safe and pleasurable, where holidaymakers, tourists and residents are easily confused with each other.

Benidorm's famous skyscrapers are compared with the ones in New York. In the early 1950, the mayor of Benidorm decided to built upwards so that every one can get a beautiful sea view and panorama. Together with the skyscrapers, the old town also has great Spanish culture and charm.

Occupying a large area in the middle of Benidorm is the L’AigĂŒera Park that is designed along Neoclassical lines by the architect Ricardo Bofill. Also there is ample opportunity for a quiet stroll along the 5 km. beach promenade with beachgoers and watersports-lovers enjoying themselves at the water’s edge.

Similarly, the wide avenues of Benidorm, flanked on either side by tall modern hotel buildings, provide yet further possibilities for a leisurely stroll. In addition; the Benidorm Isle, that is located out in the centre of the Benidorm bay, may be visited by boats leaving from the Benidorm harbour.

Benidorm is one of the most popular choice of millions of holidaymakers every year in Spain and Europe. It is one of the world's largest and vibrant resorts. And it continues to be the ultimate holiday destination as there are lots of things to do in Benidorm for the holidaymakers.

There are about 4 miles of breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters as well the beautiful Playa Levante beach which lies with great restaurants, cafes and bars.

There are variety of watersports in Benidorm to choose from including water skiing, diving, parasailing and more. Or if you feel like chilling out and enjoying the sun, Benidorm coasts offer the best options. On the other side of Benidorm lies the Playa Poniente beach which tends to be quieter.

Benidorm has the fabulous Aqualandia Water Park where both adults and kids can enjoy a fantastic and joyful day out in Benidorm. Holidaymakers can also visit the animals of marine life at Mundomar which means "the World of Sea". Also Terra Mitica is an ancient world themed park with variety of rides and roller coasters. Terra Natura is a great theme park and new generation zoo in Benidorm offering a journey to exotic places in Europe, Asia and America just in one day. They are both one of the best things to do in Benidorm.

Benidorm is a fantastic and very popular holiday town especially for the British holidaymakers. For the ones who like intense nightlife, Benidorm is the right place.

Visitors may find variety of nightlife and entertainment activities in Benidorm. There are hundred of bars and night clubs to choose from in Benidorm. And of course karaoke as always. Especially the The English Square in Benidorm is great at night.

Chaplins Disco Dancing Nightclub, Broadway Cabaret, Zodiac Show Time Bar, Beachcomber, Hippodrome, Bahamas Disco Pub, Champions, Cafe Benidorm, Sticky Vicky, Sinatras Disco, Pretty Woman Lapdance Bar, Sol Pelicanos, Neptunes Bar, Heartbreak Bar, Morgan's tavern Pub are some of the lively night clubs and bars at the English Square in Benidorm.

Benidorm enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. The average annual temperature is 18°C (15°C in winter and 26°C in summer). The average monthly temperature varies between 12.7ÂșC in the coldest month, January and 26.2ÂșC in the warmest month, August. The maximum in August may reach 37ÂșC, and the minimum in winter never reaches as low as 0ÂșC.

The water temperature of the sea varies between 13ÂșC (February) and 26ÂșC (August), which means the crystal clear seawater may be enjoyed practically all year round. The water temperature of the sea varies between 13ÂșC (February) and 26ÂșC (August), which means the crystal clear seawater may be enjoyed practically all year round.

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