Top 10 Best Nightclubs & Discos in Benidorm, Costa Blanca

Benidorm nightlife is fantastic and it may be considered as a holiday town that never sleeps. For the ones who like intense nightlife, Benidorm is the right place. Visitors may find variety of nightlife and entertainment activities in Benidorm. There are over 150 discos, nightclubs, cabaret & showbars and discothèques that invite the holidaymakers to fun and enjoyment. And of course karaoke as always.

Below you may find the best nightclubs in Benidorm.

Best Nightclubs & Discos in Benidorm for you ...

  • KM Disco & Dance Club

    KM Disco & Dance Club is a legendary and most popular nightclub in Benidorm with a capacity of 5000 persons. KM Disco has three dance floors, 12 bars and a swimming pool. Just by the KM Disco, also the KM Playa is another great venue offering dance by the beach. Visitors mostly start the night at KM Playa and than move onto KM Disco for clubbing all night long.
    Carretera Alicante-Valencia Km.122, Benidorm
    Telephone: +34 965 86 35 23, Website:
  • Hippodrome Disco Benidorm

    Hippodrome Disco is one of the amazing nightclubs in Benidorm located at the Benidorm square with its new management, team and ambient. It open all year round from 10.30 pm till 08.00 am.
    Calle Mallorca 8, Benidorm
  • Penelope Disco Beach Club

    Penelope Disco is one of the greatest nightclubs in Benidorm offering fine clubbing experience in Benidorm. As also being a beach club; Penelope offers variety of acts, live music, international DJs, parties and more.
    Avda. de la Comunidad Valenciana, Benidorm
    Telephone: +34 610 23 87 97, Website:
  • KU Disco

    KU Disco is also one of the most popular nightclubs and discos in Benidorm. It offers great party nights in Benidorm with DJs, themed parties, excellent atmosphere, dancers and more...
    Avda. de la Comunidad Valenciana, Benidorm
    Telephone: +34 629 94 17 99, Website:
  • Disco Bahamas

    Disco Bahamas is a great disco in Benidorm primarily known as RnB club but also a fantastic venue with International DJs playing the very best in RnB, HipHop, House, Dance Reggaeton and old school. Disco Bahamas includes 3 bars (2 large ones inside and 1 large outdoor terrace). Entertainment goes for all night long. Entrance is free of charge and there is a party every night.
    Calle Cap de Sant Antoni, 4, Benidorm
    Telephone: +34 966 811 652, Website:
  • Club Discoteca Manssion

    Manssion Club and Disco is a great disco and nightclub in Benidorm offering lively nights with electronic hardcore music. Every Saturday the club is full with more than 5.000 people listening to the most important and well known Spanish and European DJ's in the world of hardcore music.
    Avda. Comunidad Valenciana, Benidorm
    Telephone: +34 965 852 006, Website:
  • Valentines Disco

    Valentines Disco is lively cabaret bar and disco located in Parte Vieja with a lovely outdoor terrace. The club offers great acts with top international artists. There's live music, live comedy and dancing all night long.
    Avenida de Costelló 59, Benidorm
  • Chaplin's Show Bar & Disco

    Chaplin's Show Bar & Disco is a lively show bar with great cabarets and it is located at the Levante central.
    Avenida de Mallorca, Benidorm
  • Talk of the Town Benidorm

    Talk of the Town, mostly know as The Town is a great cabaret and show bar located in the heart of Benidorm’s ‘New Town’ entertainment area. The Town offers one of the best entertainment acitivities in Benidorm.
    Benidorm New Town, Benidorm, Website:
  • Top of the Pops Nightclub

    Top of the Pops Nightclub is a great one located in Avenida Almeria. It is another hot spot for clubbers in Benidorm.
    Avenida Almeria, Benidorm

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