Benidorm Island - Isla de Benidorm

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Benidorm Island (Isla de Benidorm) is a natural beauty and protected are located in the middle of bay of Benidorm in the middle of its two points, stands the island of Benidorm. It is also the emblem of the city of Benidorm. According to the myth; Roldán, nephew of Charlemagne, and the ravine he slashed with his sword “Durandarte” to give rise to Puig Campana. He gouged out a lump, which came down n the sea: the island.

It is said that the Carthaginian Aníbal Barca was born on it (said to be on an island between Alicante and the Pitiusas). Reality is much simpler and places it in the mountain range of the park. Benidorm Island may be visited by little ferry boats or “golondrinas” [swallows] departing from the Benidorm harbour. According to locals, the islet of Benidorm represents the gigantic block of rock that is missing from the summit of nearby Mount Puig Campana.

At the rudimentary embarkation point trips may be taken on underwater viewing boats to observe the beauty of the immediate seabed and their wealth of aquatic life.

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