Playa Levante Beach, Benidorm,

Tourist information and guide to Playa Levante Beach, Benidorm, Costa Blanca...

Playa Levante beach, the eastern beach of Benidorm, is the most popular, lively, colourful and fun beach in Benidorm with great golden sand and crystal clear waters. It is one of the most cosmopolitan and urban Benidorm beaches and lies along the Benidorm coast with great restaurants, cafes and bars. It stretches between the Rincón de Loix and the castle rocks.

There are variety of watersports in Playa Levante beach to choose from including water skiing, diving, parasailing and more. Or if you feel like chilling out and enjoying the sun, Playa Levante beach offer the best options. The Levante beach front is lined up with a succession of terraces, cafes and restaurants in constant party mood.

Levante Beach Specialties
Length: 2,084 m
Area: 125,785 m2
Footbaths: 21 units (of 2 pipes), with seawater.
Beach furniture: 10 sectors with 1,390 sunshades and 4,570 sun loungers.
Assistance: 2 assistance points, 5 lifeguard posts and 4 patrolling lifeguards.
Facilities: 1 accessible bath point, 3 children’s play areas, 4 sports and recreational play areas, 21 access walkways, 1 floating leisure platform, 164 litter bins and 2 ecological toilet cubicles.
Blue Flag Certificates: Qualitur “Q”, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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