Playa Poniente Beach, Benidorm,

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Playa Poniente beach, the western beach of Benidorm is also one of the the most popular Benidorm beaches with great golden sand and crystal clear waters. It lies along the other side of Levante beach of Benidorm. Poniente beach is set on a former royal cattle track that is being used to run through myrtles. The natural spring of Les Fontanelles also lies on the beach.

Poniente beach is more quieter beach than Levante beach. It is popular especially for families. It is a long beach that stretches from the harbour jetty to the rocks of the Paseo Tamarindos and then continuing to the foot of the Tossal de la Cala where Benidorm locals distinguish the two sections of equal length; Poniente and La Cala.

Cleanliness and hygiene in Poniente beach is good. The Benidorm beaches are cleaned daily and the Benidorm municipal laboratory checks the quality of the seawater and sands.

The Poniente Beach Promenade is the work of the architects Carlos Ferrater and Xavier MartĂ­ GalĂ­, that represents a radical innovation to traditional promenades. The design of the promenade recreates shapes of cliffs and waves, projected to generate areas of light and shadow, convexities and concavities with platforms at different levels creating different surfaces that can be used as recreational, leisure and meditation areas.

Poniente Beach Specialties
Length: 3,100 m
Area: 146,239 m2
Footbaths: 95 units (with 2 pipes), of seawater.
Beach furniture: 10 sectors with 440 sunshades and 1,730 sun loungers.
Assistance: 2 assistance points, 7 lifeguard posts and 5 patrolling lifeguards.
Facilities: 2 accessible bath points, 5 children’s play areas, 12 sports-recreational play areas, 32 access walkways, 2 floating leisure platforms, 2 beach libraries, 135 litter bins and 5 ecological toilet cubicles.
Blue Flag Certificates: Qualitur “Q”, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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